Liverpool Private Hospital



Willowtree Planning have been working alongside Team2 Architects on the Planning Proposal for Liverpool Private Hospital.

The PP was considered at Liverpool City Council’s Ordinary Meeting on 31 August 2022 where it received in principle support to be forwarded to the Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) seeking a Gateway Determination. The PP seeks to increase the building height and FSR development standards and introduce site specific provisions.

Once constructed, the new Liverpool Private Hospital will offer:

– 155 inpatient beds
– 25 intensive care beds
– over 12,000m2 of education and consulting floor space
– operating theatres
– ground floor retail
– provision for a link bridge to the public hospital

The PP reached a key milestone today and the public exhibition is now live.

A fantastic project to be involved in and we look forward to commencing the SSDA shortly. Thanks to all those involved to reach this milestone.