Redlands Housing Supply and Diversity Strategy 2023-2046



In September 2022, Deputy Premier Steven Miles announced the Queensland Government would develop the Redlands Housing Supply and Diversity Strategy 2023-2046. The State Government outlined that the Strategy would work towards ensuring diversity, accessibility and more affordable housing in the Redlands Region, now and into the future.

The announcement provided by the State cited that, in their opinion, the Redland City Plan 2018 does not provide sufficient opportunity to deliver housing options in the Local Government Area.

As part of the preparation of the Housing Strategy, the State Government is currently seeking input from the local community. Consultation closes on 25 June 2023.

We would encourage all residents of the Redlands and those in the development industry to participate in the conversation and complete the survey in the link below.

Willowtree Plannings QLD Director Ben Russell is a resident of the Redlands and he hopes that the local community, the development industry and all levels of government can work together to produce an effective Housing Strategy.

It is imperative that this work results in the provision of more housing opportunities for our growing population while ensuring there is appropriate infrastructure, employment opportunities and greenspace within the region.

Fast tracking the structure planning of the Southern Thornlands Potential Future Growth Area would be a great start.